Why We Love Selling Resales

Why We Love Selling Resales

As the number one dedicated franchise resales broker in the UK, you’d expect us to be passionate about resales. But what is it about resales that we love so much? Below are just some of the major reasons that we love to sell these types of businesses. 

Giving people an existing plan to retirement

Everyone deserves to be able to give up work as they get older. While retiring is easy for those that work for an employer, it can be much harder for business owners and franchise owners who must first find a buyer for their business or franchise before they can pack up. 

We enjoy being able to help people begin the next chapter of their life by freeing them of their franchise. By being able to help with the complexities of the selling process, we are effectively able to help franchisees overcome the obstacles standing in the way of their retirement. We also enjoy being able to convert that franchise into cash, giving people a retirement fund that can allow them to make the most of their senior years. While closing a franchise can sometimes be easier than selling, you do not make any money from closing down a franchise. This is why we want to help franchisees sell – so that they can earn a huge reward for their labours. 

Supporting new franchisees going into business

We also get joy out of helping buyers to invest in their future. Buying a resale is a relatively secure way to invest one’s money –  it involves buying an existing business with an existing turnover. When you buy a resale, you know that you’re going to get money coming in straight away and that you have the support of a franchisor if things go wrong. It’s often a lot less risky than buying an independent business or starting a new business/franchise. Lenders are also often more keen to let people borrow money for these types of investments.

Of course, buying a resale can be complicated if you’ve never had to purchase a business before. As brokers, we are able to assist budding franchisees with the buying process. It gives us a sense of pride knowing that we are helping people to make investments that can end up transforming their lives for the better. 

Working with great franchisors

Selling resales is also a great chance to work with great franchisors. We enjoy being a part of the success of these large companies, as well as helping to preserve their brand’s good reputation. 

After all, every franchise resale can have an impact on the success of the franchisor. It’s vital that any new buyer is a right fit for the company and that they continue to operate the franchise to the same high level as the previous franchisee. By helping to find the right buyers, we are able to help large companies to maintain a standard that is important for their overall credibility. 

Talk to us and we can can talk you through our resales process AND tell you all about our new online portal.  

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