Why Use a Broker To Sell Your Franchise

Why Use A Broker To Sell Your Franchise?

The decision to sell your franchise is never one to be taken lightly. It’s a big decision to sell the business you’ve worked hard on over the years. But not only is is a big decision, but it’s also a lot of work – something you won’t have a lot of time for alongside running the business itself. 

This is where a broker specialising in franchise resales can help. From taking the hassle out of selling to making sure you get the right candidate and a great deal. Using a franchise broker is the solution.

Why use a broker to sell your franchise? Take a look at just some of the reasons below.

It will save you time

Running a business doesn’t leave much time for anything else, which is why the process of selling can be difficult for franchise owners. Having a broker run the sale on your behalf will mean that everything is taken care of, from advertising to qualifying prospective buyers, allowing you to keep growing your business in the meantime. 

You will have a dedicated account manager who will guide you through the process. Your time is precious, so let someone take care of the selling for you and focus on what you do best.

Help you to get the right price

We can advise you along the way on the right price to market your business at. We take into account the current market and offer advice on the best price for your business. Your dedicated account manager will guide you whilst your business is on the market with us to ensure your business achieves the best possible price.  

We work with both the buyer and the seller during negotiation so that all parties involved achieve the best possible price.

It takes the hassle out of selling your franchise

Selling your franchise can be stressful, which is where a broker can add value. From advertising to dealing with buyers, providing information and arranging visits, etc., a broker will take care of the transaction on your behalf. This will mean you’ll spend less time with buyers and have someone take care of the negotiations on your behalf. 

At Franchise Resales, we’re experts in buying and selling franchises, with the knowledge and experience to make your resale smooth and hassle-free. We can help save you time, and more importantly, make sure you get the best deal. 

Sell your business with Franchise Resales

If you’re thinking about selling your franchise, get in touch with Franchise Resales today. We’re a top broker specialising in franchise resales and have worked with hundreds of buyers and sellers since we launched back in 2007. Call our friendly team today on 01522 246811, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your sale. 

Franchise Resales can save you time and effort to help make your sale as smooth as possible, ready to help you pursue your next venture. 

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