Selling your franchise - Why you should call in the experts

Selling Your Franchise – Why you should call in the experts

The solution to franchise selling stress is to outsource your business sale to Franchise Resales.

Anyone selling their business knows that it can be a complicated process. However, when you choose to enlist the help of a dedicated resale broker when selling your franchise. You can significantly reduce the stress of finding a buyer and completing the sale of your franchise successfully. 

Working with your franchisor when finding a buyer

A franchisor has the ultimate say on who will join their network. So it goes without saying, anyone looking to resell their franchise business, must gain the franchisor’s approval for the new owners. 

A buyer will require more than just the right amount of cash to buy. The franchisor will need to know that the buyer is the right fit for the network. Selling your franchise with us, means buyers are required to follow our process. Buyers must meet with the franchisor first, in order to be approved by them, they then go onto meet with the seller. 

We aim to work closely with franchisors to understand the type of people they are looking for to join their network. 

Keep running your business 

With so many things to juggle as a selling franchisee, continuing to run your business is of paramount importance. Running your business as effectively and profitably as possible will ensure you get the best price. Being able to focus on your business, knowing that the sales process is on track, gives you peace of mind. 

Business owners often put their business on the market before telling their employees, so as not to worry them. This can become problematic when buyers try to contact you during business hours. We take care of the buyer contact and gather the information they require from you.  

The solution to franchise selling stress – outsource 

Selling your franchise with franchise resales means that you are supported at each part of the sales process. From getting your franchise independently valued to finding a buyer that matches your requirements. All the way through to the due diligence and eventually the exchange and completion of the sale. Not to mention offering some valuable assistance when it comes to getting the approval of the franchisor. 

Indeed, if you are looking to get the best price for your franchise, and ensure things are fair and equitable for everyone involved – outsourcing your sale to Franchise Resales is the best possible solution. 

Outsource your franchise sale with Franchise Resales 

If you are ready to sell your franchise – let our team handle the heavy lifting for you. That way, you can focus on keeping your business running, and making it an appealing option to buyers.

Franchise Resales are the perfect choice for all your resales. Not only do we have an extensive network of contacts that make the reselling process as quick as possible, but we also now offer digital portals for both sellers and buyers. This allows franchisees to see their business information (prospectus) and request edits, as well as the 3rd party websites we are advertising on.

Alongside this, the digital buyers portal lets pre-qualified buyers view the prospectus of a business they have an interest in. Buyers can progress their interest by accessing solicitor’s, funding providers and their account manager – at the touch of a few buttons. 

Meaning that around 300 pre-qualified buyers (growing daily) are already logging in. These potential buyers have provided us with their information and are ready and waiting for their perfect business.

If you are looking to resell your franchise business with minimum hassle – contact our new and improved Franchise Resales team on, today. We’ll be only too happy to support you through the resales process. 

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