Oodles Chinese

Oodles Chinese – Greater Manchester

Turnover £733,635

Offers in the region of £190,000

Location – North West
Sector – Food and Drink
Style – Management
Number of franchises – 11

Business Information

Franchise Resales is thrilled to offer an extraordinary opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to become the proud new franchisee of the highly successful Oodles Chinese franchise in Greater Manchester. This is your chance to tap into a well-established brand that has been generating impressive profits since its inception in August 2020. With the business already on a profitable trajectory, it's time for an ambitious owner like you to take the reins, leverage the solid foundation, and propel it to unprecedented heights of success.

Oodles is not just any ordinary franchise – it's a top-quality fusion concept with a remarkable twist. By serving Eastern-inspired cuisine in convenient boxes, it offers customers an unforgettable dining experience that keeps them coming back for more. With its tantalising flavours, captivating theatrics, and a vibrant atmosphere, Oodles creates lasting memories for its patrons, ensuring their loyalty and driving repeat business.

Picture yourself as the owner of one of the largest branches in the Oodles network, boasting an impressive seating capacity of over 60. This means you have the incredible opportunity to cater to a large customer base, accommodating their preferences for dine-in, takeout, or home delivery. As the market shifts towards cost-effective dining options, Oodles has positioned itself perfectly to capture this demand, offering a diverse menu that appeals to the metropolitan lifestyle.

Now, let's talk about the state of the premises – it's simply impeccable. No repairs or maintenance are required, allowing you to focus your time and energy on growing the business. Rest assured, all necessary tests, such as full canopy clean, PAT, and Gas Appliance, have been completed and are up to date. Additionally, most of the equipment on-site is owned outright, giving you full control over your operations.

Oodles is revolutionising the Indo-Chinese market, and as the new franchisee, you have the recipe for extraordinary success at your fingertips. With your exceptional business acumen, ambition, and strong management skills, this is your golden opportunity to join a thriving brand that offers both massive financial rewards and personal fulfilment.

Franchisor Overview

Oodles are a family-owned food brand and one of the UK’s leading fast-casual dining companies serving authentic Indo Chinese food since 2010. As the UK’s insatiable demand for authentic Asian cuisine continues to grow, they felt the need to create an effective, scalable model which has been well-tested and proven with their success; they are now 36 stores strong, with another ten in development and due to open by the end of quarter one in 2023. The growth target from here is for a further 55 to achieve 100 stores by the end of 2025.

Oodles is an innovative, quick service, dining concept where food is cooked in open kitchens, right in front of the customers eyes. They strongly believe there is a huge opportunity to grow and flourish with the UK’s fastest growing Indo Chinese brand. Oodles has been built on core values and principles that we still adhere to today including Value, Quality, Service and Hygiene.

The Oodles brand has been built on the following core principles: Customer Focus, Professional Service, Passion, providing value for money and continually innovating to keep in line with current market trends. As part of their growth strategy, they focus heavily on the customer needs and have subsequently evolved the Oodles brand to ensure they remain at the heart of everything they do.

Research shows that Quick Service Restaurants predict significant growth over the next ten years. Consumers welcome casual dining brands like Oodles that offer an immersive experience, innovative offerings, and a great customer experience.

Advice from us

This prospectus of sale has been prepared by Franchise Resales to assist in the process of selling this business. The information and details contained herein have been supplied by, and verified as correct at the time of writing, by the seller. Franchise Resales Limited is unable to confirm or warrant the accuracy of this information. Prospective purchasers should ensure that all details have been verified before proceeding. The purchaser is advised to take independent legal, financial and taxation advice in relation to any decision to purchase this or any other business, and thereby becoming a franchisee. Experience has shown us that legal processes can be protracted, and that delays caused by solicitors who don’t understand the franchise resale process are frustrating and expensive, for both parties. Therefore, we recommend that you use solicitors who are familiar with franchising.

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