Ed’s Garden Services

Ed’s Garden Services – Sevenoaks

Turnover £77,218

Offers in the region of £60,000

Sector – Garden Services
Style – Vehicle Based
Number of franchises – 11

Business Information

Franchise Resales offers a unique opportunity: the Ed's Garden Services franchise in Sevenoaks, established in 2014. Priced at £60,000, this thriving business, specialising in garden care services, includes a van. It caters to individuals in Sevenoaks, an affluent area known for its high standard of living, recognised as the best place to live in the Southeast in 2022 by The Times. This resale benefits from a prime location and a strong community reputation. Its loyal customer base and word-of-mouth referrals highlight its reliability and exceptional service. With room for substantial growth through increased marketing efforts and potential for expansion into a management franchise, this opportunity is not to be missed.

Franchisor Overview

Since 2003, Ed's Garden Services has been enabling individuals to launch their own garden services business. They offer a proven business model that ensures a steady flow of clients in the local area. Franchisees can earn £40K - £50K annually with bonus sales exceeding £10K, or over £100K by expanding with teams and multi-van operations. Ed's provides personalised training and ongoing support, catering to both single van lifestyle businesses and those aiming to build management businesses.

Their comprehensive technology handles all business operations, allowing franchisees more time for revenue-generating tasks. A supportive network of fellow franchisees offers advice, assistance, and even extra manpower when needed.

The demand for Ed's services is overwhelming, allowing franchisees to adjust their availability on the website and choose the most profitable jobs. They can take advantage of peak seasons or offer additional services like power washing and turf laying during slower months. With Ed's Garden Services, the potential for growth and earning opportunities is endless.

Advice from us

This prospectus of sale has been prepared by Franchise Resales to assist in the process of selling this business. The information and details contained herein have been supplied by, and verified as correct at the time of writing, by the seller. Franchise Resales Limited is unable to confirm or warrant the accuracy of this information. Prospective purchasers should ensure that all details have been verified before proceeding. The purchaser is advised to take independent legal, financial and taxation advice in relation to any decision to purchase this or any other business, and thereby becoming a franchisee. Experience has shown us that legal processes can be protracted, and that delays caused by solicitors who don’t understand the franchise resale process are frustrating and expensive, for both parties. Therefore, we recommend that you use solicitors who are familiar with franchising.

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