The Wheel Specialist

The Wheel Specialist – Leicester

Turnover £413,000

Offers in the region of £300,000

Sector – Automotive
Style – Management
Number of franchises – 11

Business Information

Operating from a large, established location since 2017, the current owner of the franchise business is seeking retirement. As the prospective new owner, you have the opportunity to leverage the existing foundation to enhance sales activity and enjoy the fruits of its success.

The current owner has fostered a stellar reputation among both trade and public clientele, specialising in serving owners of luxury car brands such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche.

In 2023, the business experienced a 15% growth compared to the previous year, largely credited to the transition of a senior technician into a managerial role. This strategic promotion, coupled with incentives, has instigated a more goal-driven environment, allowing the current owner to delegate day-to-day operations more regularly.

Operating from a professionally designed showroom and a separate workshop will set you apart from competitors. The business currently employs a fully trained and capable team, capable of handling most day-to-day operations. This setup has enabled the current owner to dedicate more time to strategic business development rather than daily tasks – a model you may also find beneficial.

Upon completing comprehensive training, you will require a period to integrate into the business. The Wheel Specialist's recommend your direct involvement, or that of a key personnel, across all facets of operations, encompassing both business management and technical aspects. Once you grasp the fundamentals, you can swiftly transition to a more strategic role, focusing on business growth rather than operational, a path followed by many successful franchisees.

Through diligent effort, adherence to the franchise model and support system, and leveraging your expertise to expand the business, you have the potential to achieve levels of success akin to some of the brand's highest-performing franchisees, with profits exceeding £190,000 annually. (These figures are not based on audited or submitted accounts but on adjusted accounts from top-performing franchisees.)

Collaboration with the Head Office support team and Board of Directors will be essential for guiding your business growth. Additionally, you'll need to enhance the existing team's capabilities to accommodate increased workload as your business expands.

Franchisor Overview

The Wheel Specialist, a prestigious name in the auto services industry, traces its roots back to the family-run business Lap-Tab since 1955. Their enduring success is built upon a foundation of core principles: exceptional service, top-quality work, great value, and speedy service. These values are not just slogans but the very essence of their brand.

With an outstanding Trustpilot rating of 4.9 from over 15,000 reviews, The Wheel Specialist reigns supreme as the undisputed leader in alloy wheel refurbishment. Having refurbished over 1.2 million wheels, they showcase unparalleled expertise in wheel restoration. This expertise is backed by robust systems and unwavering support, empowering franchisees to excel in their businesses.

The central team at Head Office stands ready to support and guide franchisees through every facet of their operations, from technical aspects to sales and marketing. Their comprehensive support includes handling online marketing activities and social media outreach on behalf of franchisees. This support extends to features like instant quoting, online booking, and a cutting-edge automatic lead follow-up system.

Franchisees benefit not only from comprehensive training but also from bespoke support tailored to their individual needs. Weaknesses are identified and transformed into strengths through collaborative efforts, ensuring each franchisee is equipped for success.

Advice from us

This prospectus of sale has been prepared by Franchise Resales to assist in the process of selling this business. The information and details contained herein have been supplied by, and verified as correct at the time of writing, by the seller. Franchise Resales Limited is unable to confirm or warrant the accuracy of this information. Prospective purchasers should ensure that all details have been verified before proceeding. The purchaser is advised to take independent legal, financial and taxation advice in relation to any decision to purchase this or any other business, and thereby becoming a franchisee. Experience has shown us that legal processes can be protracted, and that delays caused by solicitors who don’t understand the franchise resale process are frustrating and expensive, for both parties. Therefore, we recommend that you use solicitors who are familiar with franchising.

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