Premium Buyer Service

Starting a business, even with the support of a franchise concept can be pretty daunting. We know how stressful starting buying a business can be, that’s why so many people are speaking to us about existing franchise businesses as a way to hit the ground running.

Over the last decade, on a regular basis, we’ve had people call us to find out how to sell their franchised business when they realise that they have made the wrong choice. By that time they have spent money, time and energy running a business that’s not right for them.

Franchise Resales has the answer to that problem. Our Premium Buyer Service is designed to take the stress out of finding a franchise resale business.  Buyer’s no longer need to spend time and energy looking at franchises that are just not suitable. We know what franchisors are looking for, and we can guide you towards franchises that are right for you.

Our Premium Buyer Service includes:

  • Finding out about businesses through Franchise Resales before they go to market
  • Advice and guidance when it comes to buying any franchise resale on the UK market
  • A copy of our Guide to Buying and Top Ten Tips to buying a franchise resale
  • Introduction to legal advice and funding support

You will be appointed a dedicated Relationship Manager, who will help you in your search for a perfect franchised business.  Buying a franchise resale is not as easy as buying a regular business.  You need to take into account the fact that you will be working with a franchisor, and also understand that there are certain restraints when it comes to operating the business on a day to day basis.

We will ask you to complete a Prospective Franchisee Profile form,  This form will give us an understanding of what you are looking for and your previous experiences.  We will help you with due diligence and support you when it comes to negotiating the purchase price with the franchisee, and make sure that you know exactly what you are buying.

We will help you appoint the right solicitor to work with, and ensure that you get the best advice possible when it comes to creating a business plan, and securing funding to support your purchase.

The Premium Buyer Service is a 3 month minimum contract, this can be paid by direct debit at £99.99 + VAT per month, or if you would prefer a one off payment to cover your 6 months subscription at £250 + VAT.

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