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Looking for Flexibility? A Franchise Might Be Your Best Option!

The desire for a better work-life balance is rifer than ever. The pandemic offered a taste for flexibility in work which was previously uncommon. If you’re craving a more balanced lifestyle and like the idea of becoming your own boss, a franchise resale may be the perfect choice for you!

How can you become a franchise owner and have flexibility?

As a franchisee, you can be your own boss and freely design your lifestyle to create the work-life balance you want and need. Just as some employees have flexibility, a franchisee can create the best work-life balance with a flexible franchise. Buying a franchise resale can be much easier than starting a business from scratch; it’s already established, has a customer base, workforce, and backing of a franchisor. Of course, not every franchise allows the same flexibility, but a home-based franchise is a good place to start. Within the franchisor’s framework, you can take appointments for cleaning or lawn care but provide the service based upon your preferred schedule.

Other options include any franchise that you could operate as an absentee or semi-absentee owner. Even if you have a coffee shop or a fast-food takeaway, a solidly built franchise can be managed by trusted employees, allowing you to be a semi-absentee franchisee who works on the business, rather than in it and spends more time pursuing other hobbies and needs.

And then, there are “seasonal” franchises and the benefits they offer. A seasonal franchise is open year-round, but the large bulk of the revenue is generated seasonally. A shutter franchise, for example, will keep you busy in the sunny seasons and a Christmas decorating franchise will you keep you busy in the colder months and free up other chunks of the year or certain days of the week to provide great flexibility.

No matter which franchise suits you, the best part of your ultimate flexible franchise choice is the support and structure that a franchise provides. When you match your flex-job preference with a proven business model, you receive the guidance needed to create the work environment and schedule that suits your preferences. When you are an employee, you cannot create the work-life balance and flexibility you want because you have so little control. As a franchisee, you get the best of both worlds: a supportive franchisor with an established franchise model and the freedom to independently operate your business.

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