Why people buy from brands?

One of the major advantages of taking on a franchise is that you have a readymade brand to work with. There are a number of reasons why this makes sense, not least the availability of a proven product and, hopefully, all the support you need when you decide to come on board. But why to […]

Why buy a franchise?

There are many people who dream of being their own boss and running a business. Go online and you’ll find plenty of stories of entrepreneurial success – simple ideas that have taken off and made their creators successful. It’s a big move though. Going out on your own is fraught with dangers, however, even in […]

I have not found a cure to stop people from dying, so your life will end at some point in the future.  So… most people I talk to have no idea what they are going to do with their business when they decide to call it a day.  Now you might call it a day […]

I still find it strange that many franchisors fail to grasp the huge benefits to be accrued by having in place a structured and pro-actively driven franchise resales process. I am not sure of the reasoning behind this rather blinkered approach – it may be financial, the fear of getting it wrong or simply not […]

Once again this year Franchise Resales Ltd is pleased to sponsor the Franchise Resales Pavilion at the National Franchise Exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC on October 2nd and 3rd. This is stand F260 on the exhibition plan and is situated next to the VIP Lounge. Since 2010 The Franchise Resales Pavilion has showcased the wide range […]

Franchise Resales achieve another record year sales. With an increase of nearly 50% on the previous year’s performance Franchise Resales have had a very successful year up to March 2015.  A new operating base and restructured team are enabling Franchise Resales to assist more and more franchisees who are seeking to capitalise on their money, […]

There seems to be a general sense of optimism beginning to flow around the country – thank goodness I hear you cry, it’s been a long time coming. Naturally not all people are feeling this nor are all sectors of business thriving but within franchising and especially with the sales of existing businesses – franchise […]

A decision to go into business The Christmas and New Year holiday period is often used as a time of reflection.  A time to get things into perspective and to become grounded with family life once again after a pretty strenuous year crust earning.  This reflection will frequently raise questions about the balance of one’s […]